Of Life and Death and Leaving a Wake

Like a jug of milk, our bodies come with an expiry date.  With milk you know how long it's going to last, because you know the date. With us it's different. We have an expiry date, but we don't know what it is... Hard.

I've been reflecting on this deeply as a very dear friend of mine passed away this week at the age of 36. She was a wife and also a mother to three young children. 

As we are preparing for the memorial service this weekend it is very clear that although her body expired, how she used her life created a lasting wake. Her body is gone but her wake remains.

She passed away on her birthday. 36 years of age. A few days before her birthday, on her Facebook page she posted this:
So, here is your D’s B-day mission should you choose to accept it: Hand out flowers for me. As many as you want. Whatever kind you fancy. To whomever you desire- homeless, hospital patience, pedestrians, church friends, to old folk’s in nursing homes, Starbucks, people in the mall… With whomever you desire- your love (for a meaningful-perhaps-slightly-awkward-till-you-get-over-it-and-have-a-blast date), your kids, a group of rowdy pals, your church group… attach your messages of love to the flowers for these people: “You are significant, You are beautiful, You are valuable, You are Loved, Your LIFE is beautiful…” Take pictures and/or videos of your shenanigans and send them to me so I can witness the celebration! You have until Monday night.
Oh the joy that fills my heart imagining this! Because I know the joy that it will bring to yours!!!
Now, get out there and start spreadin the love! :) ❃
So as her body was failing in the hospital hundreds if not thousands of random strangers were being reached out to with a simple message: 
"You matter" 
"Your life matters" 
"You are loved"

As we go through this life, we don't know how long our body will last, so my question is this:
What will you do with your life?
Will you use it for your own purposes?
Will you use to to "get ahead"?
Or will you use it to create things of lasting value?

This Saturday we are expecting many hundreds and possibly over a thousand to be attending the memorial service. Although her body is gone, her wake remains. The wake is beautiful and meaningful and has left people, lives and hearts transformed.

Your body has an expiry date. What are you going to do with the unknown amount of time/life you have?

When you're gone, how many people will come to your memorial? 
What will they say? 
How many lives were changed? 
What was the wake that you left behind?

In the end, the wake you left is all that mattered.

(Note, if you're curious to come and see the wake she left for yourself, an open memorial service is being held at Sherwood Park Alliance Church Saturday March 9, 2013 1030AM. Come see what she left behind)

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