Juggling and the Art of Multi-Tasking

Have you ever tried juggling before?

I have.

I would say I am a fledgling juggler.

I can successfully juggle 3 balls in the air for around 30 seconds without dropping one.

I remember when I first was trying to learn to juggle. The guy who was teaching me had me start with just 2 balls. He had me hold them both in one hand, then throw one up and while it was coming down throw the other one up and catch the first, then catch the second.

At the beginning even that simple task seemed VERY difficult, but as I practiced I could do it. Then we added the other ball and after many many many dropsies I was able to string 4-5 "juggles" together before having them all crash down to the ground.

Recently, I've been having a very similar experience to this at work.

I remember when I used to be able to only focus on one of two things at a time. Any more than that and I would constantly be forgetting things and as they say "dropping the ball".

Over time however with some great coaching and pushing from leaders where I work I have had more success in keeping more things up in the air.

At the beginning I always feel I'm going to drop something, but having great people around and having a determined attitude, the results have started to surprise.

Now I know that I will still drop balls but the great thing is, the more you can juggle, even though you'll drop some, the end result is that there were so many more that you were able to keep up!!!

That thought I find very encouraging.

So for those of you who are trying to learn to "juggle" more in your career or life, don't focus so much on the one or two things you drop, take a second and look up.

See how many "balls" you actually are keeping up in the air!

Might surprise you!

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