Ignorance is Bliss. Right?

Have you ever owned a glass table?
Mixed blessing right?
If you've ever owned one you know 2 things about it:
1) When it's clean you know it.
2) When it's dirty... you know it.

I inherited my first glass dining room table when I purchased my current residence.
It's a beautiful glass table with wrought iron base.
I love the table.
However I also have kids, and one of them is 5 years old.

What I realized is that the blessing of this elegant glass table doesn't feel like a blessing after dinner is over. WHAT A MESS!

The glass table is forcing me to see how dirty tables actually get during each and every meal!

Ignorance USED to be bliss.

As I was washing the table down the other night I was reflecting on my love/hate relationship with this table and how it paralleled a lot to life.

Much like an ostrich stuffing his head in a hole in the ground, I sometimes find myself pulled towards wishing that I could go back to thinking, "If I can't see it, it must not be there".

But you can't.

Now that I know because of the glass, how dirty tables get, even if I moved back to a non glass top some day, I will never have the illusion that it is clean if I just give it the ol once over.

My new awareness has forever changed my thinking.

As your eyes become open towards messy areas of your life or your organization or relationships, take care of it. Don't be tempted to trade the glass table for the old wooden one, because once you've become aware of the mess, you can't go back to being unaware.

So while it still may be true that Ignorance is Bliss, I propose that a more powerful truth is that Awareness is Transformative.

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