Do you find the job you love OR do you love the job you have...

I had the most amazing and insightful conversation with a coworker today.
We were talking about job opportunities and about the importance of finding a job that fit with his passions and interests, a job that could love.
He halted me in the middle of my pontificating and said, I know that that is what most people are after. They are all trying to find that job that makes them happy, that job that they could love. (At this point he had me Hook, Line and Sinker...)

He said, my parents in our culture raised me up to not find the job I'd love, but to instead love the job I have.


Do you catch the subtle difference?

If you do, you'll see it's beauty.

In North America we have indeed become very fixated on finding that special thing that will make us happy, be it a job, a significant other, a car.. you get the point.  All of these things are external to ourselves and the problem is they are all going to decay. Jobs lose their lustre, significant others if you don't carefully take care of the relationship, tarnish, and cars, well as soon as you've bought it it's on the way down.

I LOVE his way of thinking.

It is completely up to you!

You get to hold the responsibility for the love of your job!!

It's not up to someone else. It's not even up to the job...

It's only up to you.

If you get your head screwed on straight, you can be happy doing any job.

That is what I learned today.

Hao Jin, thanks for teaching me this valuable truth!!

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