The Winding Road...Or is it?

Ever had one of those hilltop experiences?  
You know, you finally poke your head out of the weeds of life and actually get a gooood look around. 

Perspective comes in those moments.

The majority of my life I feel like I am NOT having a moment like that however, recently, uncommonly I have had a few of those moments and during those moments I've discovered something interesting...

Typically our life journey seems to be a winding, meandering affair. Many twists and turns, detours and side roads. Mostly not a lot of freeway driving.

The interesting thing though is that lately, when I can poke my head out of the thick of the situation and survey I've noticed something. 

As I look backwards on the winding road that represents my path I'm struck by how convoluted that it is, yet at the same time, as I really examine it, I'm noticing something.

Getting from wherever I was to where I am now, is actually pretty much a straight lane superhighway. Really. 

The complexity comes from WHERE AM I.

That is the thing we don't spend enough time to really understand the complexity of how hard it would be to be EXACTLY where we are at this very moment.

All the experience, all the knowledge, all the failures, all the victories, all the relationships, all the hurts, all the shaping... 
Everything that has come to make you exactly who you are in this instant.

When you really take in the magnitude of where and who you really are, all of it, you find yourself realizing as I have lately, that it was not a meandering/winding path at all. In fact...

It was the absolute straightest road between where/who you were to where/who you are.


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