The Power of Stories: When told right, gets you both elephant and rider every time

Emotional vs Rational
Right Brain vs Left Brain
Amygdala vs Neocortex
Elephant vs Rider

All different ways of stating that we as human beings have this duality about us that has us on the one hand being rational logical creatures, yet at the same time has us also deeply influenced and moved by emotions and feelings.

I paused my blog for the last 2 weeks as I've been reflecting.
What I've been reflecting on is some comments received on my last blog post.
I like comments, especially comments that really make me pause to think. To reflect.
What I've been pondering is this, is the way I write missing the mark? Which leads to an even bigger question of "Why do I even write, period"? (Simple answer that: In an attempt to make a difference in this world).
Back to first question.
Is the way I write missing the mark? (feel free to comment!)
Why do I tell stories that lead to a point? Why do I shamelessly share my exploits in parenting (good and bad) and then relate them to Enterprise 2.0, gamification and motivation?
The answer on this is actually simple.

I write like I write........ON PURPOSE.

There have been numerous studies that have shown that appealing only to a person's logic and rational brain only gets half of what is required to create a true change or transformation.
The same has been found when appealing primarily or solely to one's sense of emotion or feelings, again the ingredients for a person to truly change are only half there.

You need BOTH. (For more on this read Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard by Chip & Dan Heath)

At the start of the book they give the analogy of the Elephant and the Rider. If you only appeal to the rider (logic), the elephant of emotion will eventually overpower the rider, however if you only appeal to  the emotion your in for a potential flurry of misinformed decisions.  The power to change comes from appealing to both the logical side of us (the rider) and the emotional side of us (the elephant).

By telling stories and creating something that engages the right side of the brain I'm appealing to the reader's inner elephant.
By lining the findings of my "experiments" up to conclusions that are logical and rational I'm appealing to the reader's inner rider.
Now do I manage to accomplish this with each blog post? Debatable, however I have solid feedback from many readers that the connection is there. So in those cases, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

I will continue to blog in this storylike fashion ending in some kind of conclusions.
If it works for you, great. If it doesn't work for you.... well, I tried.

In wrapping this post up I did want to say THANKS for all the hits to the blog and the great comments over the past year. The blog has hit around 26,000 unique views and is averaging over 4000 unique hits a month.

Stay tuned, more to come!

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