The Leadercast: Culture. Choices. People.


Mind is reeling.

So many thoughts.

So much inspiration.

Thank you Leadercast 2012.

What I took from the Leadercast Conference this year was quite simple and can be summed up in 3 words:


Probably could even boil it down to just PEOPLE.

There were many great speakers including:
Angela Ahrendts, Burberry
Patrick Lencioni, author/speaker
John Maxwell, author/speaker

And many great quotes including:
In order for a company to truly experience a transformation of its culture, the leaders must first experience their own transformation John Maxwell 
The choices you make, make you John Maxwell
Managers lead everybody the same, Leaders lead everybody different John Maxwell
To build a healthy organizational culture the first thing you need is to "Build a Cohesive Leadership Team" (Patrick Lencioni) without that true cultural transformation is impossible.
A leader is a dedicated practitioner in the art of CHOOSING Dr. Sheena Iyengar
Culture trumps vision. Every. Time. Angela Ahrendts, Burberry.

Being stuck in the middle of our own corporate transformation, there are days when I can't see the forest for the trees.
Change is hard. One of the speakers mentioned that being a leader is an uphill road the whole way! Ouch.

As I've reflected back on my experience as a leader, my company's transformation journey, and what I just learned at this years Leadercast I have concluded that more than ever we need to connect with our people.

We need to be vulnerable. Let people in. Let them see your sweaty armpits and have a laugh. Let them know that you don't have all the answers. Let them know that most of them are smarter than you. Let them know that the culture IS the people.

Let them know that the choices that they make every day ARE the culture of the organization and let fellow leaders know that the choices they make every day ARE the culture.

You cannot side step or get around it: The culture of our organizations is ENTIRELY created by You+Me.

I am realizing that we must all work together to build it. We cannot buy it. We cannot "copy" someone else's culture. We must work together to create our own. Meaningful yet difficult work.

In a moment of despondence I threw the following update out to my Facebook timeline:

"My mind is spinning. What an amazing day at Leadercast. Wishing it wasn't so hard to implement the strategies and learnings in the workplace."

One of my coworkers who is much wiser than I, responded with the following:

Start with you. Then have a significant conversation. Then have another one. Eventually it all adds up.

So there you have it.
Start with you.
Start making the right choices every day.
Build relationship with your fellow leaders to create space for unity.
Be real.
Be vulnerable.

Watch transformation happen!

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