Social Media Rocket Fuel: Does Empire Avenue Stack Up? #EAv

I wrote a blog post a few months back on the power of Empire Avenue Missions and their ability to HUGELY elevate your potential audience and impact. I had concluded in that post that Empire Avenue was indeed Social Media Rocket Fuel.

This is a follow up post to that one to reiterate that Empire Avenue indeed is Rocket Fuel and to be careful as it is HIGHLY COMBUSTIBLE!!

I have seen INCREDIBLE increase in readership and exposure of my blog as I've started launching a mission that shadows every post I write.

I've kept the stats on my last few posts and the results are convincing:

My post The Leadercast: Choices. Culture. People had the following statistics:

In approximately 1 hour posted at worst possible time of 1030pm Sunday night:

Blog went from 49 daily views to 879 views.
30 Google +1’s
36 Tweets for total unique twitter audience of 62,000!
3 Facebook Likes (WHAT UP Facebook, why no love???)

My post The Tree Swing: Finding Purpose had the following statistics:

In approximately 1 hour again posted oddly at 1130pm Saturday night:

Blog went from 70 daily views to 850 views
33 Google +1’s
41 Tweets for total unique audience of 41,000!
3 Facebook Likes (still no FB loving...)

As I concluded in that original post, if you are trying to increase your exposure, my experience says that Empire Avenue Missions will IMMEDIATELY AND DIRECTLY do this for you.

Thank you Empire Avenue for your awesomeness.

Find me on Empire Avenue. My Ticker is JORDANHODGES.

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