Enterprise 2.0, Motivation and Gamification: The Turkey Soup Part 2

Oh Oh.
Something went horribly wrong in Motivation Land.

The kids stopped eating the turkey soup...
(This only makes sense if you read my earlier post)


What I thought to be a brilliant move in the Gamification of Supper has now failed.

Let me back up.

I had made a game out of finding bones in the turkey soup.
This was exciting and novel for the kids and they gobbled soup like they hadn't eaten for a week THE FIRST TIME.

Fast forward to today.
I pulled out the turkey soup from the freezer, heated it up and presented it to the kids.

Kids: AWESOME DAD!! Do we get 10 cents for every bone we find again??

Me: Why YES OF COURSE YOU DO children!

They dug in.


"What's going on" I thought.

Last time they gobbled it right to the bottom and this time they gave a cursory scrape along the bottom to find bones-
and then

Me: "What's wrong with the soup guys?"

Kids: "We don't really like the soup Daddy"

They don't really like the soup! My mind raced. What had gone wrong. Then it hit me. Of course.

They ate the soup initially as there was a reward. Rewards have been proven to have some value for short term gain. Over time though, the reward has not been worth it to the kids since they don't really like the soup.

They have no INTRINSIC motivation to eat that soup, only the EXTRINSIC reward that I was offering to them.

Next time I'll have to find a way to connect them with some INTRINSIC motivation to eat the soup...

Although for that one, I have no idea.

And for the record, I didn't really like the soup either.

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