The Tree Swing: Finding Purpose

The Tree Swing.
A symbol.


Can a swing really deliver all of this? I hope so. It's the reason I created it.

Going through separation/divorce as a parent has taught me many things and most important of all - Don't take time with your kids for granted. Ever.

As I said goodbye to my kids for the millionth time this past Saturday I sat down on my front step deep in thought.
What can I do for my kids when they aren't with me that will bless them when they are?

My kids love to swing, particularly my 7 year old daughter.

Not being the handiest tool in the shed, I found excellent instructions on how to create a tree swing.
The Tree

I followed them exactly as outlined with an outstanding result.

After completing the swing I jumped on it and tried it out.

Flying through the air.
Thoughts of my girl.

Can't wait for her to try it.
I wait.
Like the swing.


Simple Tools
The materials and tools required to make the swing are so simple.
The work required was average and would have been easy had it not been my first time.
The outcome has HUGE potential yet it has yet to perform.

The swing was made for the kids to experience freedom, wind, the rush; yet it just sits there.
Empty and still.

Isn't this how we all are? We are put together with basic parts and basic abilities yet each of us have a special purpose.

We are each made for a special purpose. Designed to do something perfectly.

Have you been sitting idle like the empty swing?

Spend the time. Understand your purpose. Shine. You will never be more fulfilled or complete.

Don't stay like my swing...

Unfulfilled purpose.

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