The Tree Swing: Finding Purpose

The Tree Swing.
A symbol.


Can a swing really deliver all of this? I hope so. It's the reason I created it.

Going through separation/divorce as a parent has taught me many things and most important of all - Don't take time with your kids for granted. Ever.

As I said goodbye to my kids for the millionth time this past Saturday I sat down on my front step deep in thought.
What can I do for my kids when they aren't with me that will bless them when they are?

My kids love to swing, particularly my 7 year old daughter.

Not being the handiest tool in the shed, I found excellent instructions on how to create a tree swing.
The Tree

I followed them exactly as outlined with an outstanding result.

After completing the swing I jumped on it and tried it out.

Flying through the air.
Thoughts of my girl.

Can't wait for her to try it.
I wait.
Like the swing.


Simple Tools
The materials and tools required to make the swing are so simple.
The work required was average and would have been easy had it not been my first time.
The outcome has HUGE potential yet it has yet to perform.

The swing was made for the kids to experience freedom, wind, the rush; yet it just sits there.
Empty and still.

Isn't this how we all are? We are put together with basic parts and basic abilities yet each of us have a special purpose.

We are each made for a special purpose. Designed to do something perfectly.

Have you been sitting idle like the empty swing?

Spend the time. Understand your purpose. Shine. You will never be more fulfilled or complete.

Don't stay like my swing...

Unfulfilled purpose.


  1. The simple things in life are the best and often the hardest to obtain. Like TIME.

  2. Nicely done. It is truly a matter of purpose.

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  4. Children Spell Love like this - T I M E - Its the best thing to give and the hardest thing to give - due to other pressures one must work through. Good Luck

  5. Like it, that's cool. Unfortunately I don't have a tree on my yard...:-)

  6. I love this...what kid doesn't want a swing made by daddy? That's just so cool


  7. Powerful piece, Jordan. Well done.

  8. The swing has always meant sharing to me. Sharing moments mean a having a lifetime of memories. Thanks!

  9. Great thought, I'm with you on that. Making good memories with your kids will be one of your valuable investments.

  10. Brilliant. And i couldn't agree more " Don't take time with your kids for granted. Ever."

  11. beautiful lesson, salute your father hood, much love for your kids and family, keep writing keep inspiring us all

    Thank you

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  13. Reminded of a time, when I longed for someone to push me to new heights. It always
    have me a feeling of freedom! Paul Scovel

  14. Love the imagery and the use of a swing and childhood which knows no bounds. I have such wonderful memories of swinging my daughter when she was little in a swing. Love this post. Thank you for bringing back these great memories.

  15. Wish I had something more insightful to add than to just say it was deep and struck a personal chord, but the approach you've taken here is wonderful. Never take time for granted and always onward and upward.

  16. I enjoyed that. Thanks!

  17. I really do love this in practicality and in the lessons that it teaches. Some of my favorite memories as a child are of swinging. I could pretend I was flying or taking a rocket to the moon or just enjoying the warm breeze in my hair. Fantastic post. Thank you for sharing. (Now I want to go make a tree swing for my kids)

  18. Swings are amazing, they are your first likely encounter with the feeling of flying, like anything is possible.

  19. We just had an actual swingset when I was a kid.

  20. I love your post. The metaphor and how it relates to our lives. And how with some proactive action and a little ingenuity we can make not only our lives better, but our friends' and families lives better too.

    Very powerful. Thanks for sharing.


  21. Your swing is lovely and it will be loved, soon. Swings have a way of making life slow down, just for a few minutes.

  22. Jordan, that was an incredible post!

    I've been divorced once but thankfully kids were not involved. I'm married now and have three kids who I adore completely. Granted, two of them I didn't help make but I've helped raise them for the past 6 years.

    1) Parenthood isn't for sissies. 2) Parenthood is by far the best job on the face of the planet. Kudos to you for thinking of ways to be 100% there for your daughter. I love being a Dad and it seems you do too.

    Keep yer head up! If you haven't taken a look at Single Dad Laughing yet, I think it would be a great blog to look at. He's another dude who I see as an exemplary father (just like you). I've learned a lot from Dan and now I hope to learn lots from you! Thank you!

  23. Don't worry. Your kids will get much use out of that swing. Value the moments with them. Sounds like you are an outstanding dad.

  24. Enjoyed this piece! Purpose is there. Fulfillment comes when the calling happens. Be ready for your calling..

  25. great thoughts jordan...purpose, parenting, awareness...keep doing the good soul work...

  26. well, everything has its own purpose. you just did the same thing. and the best thing is, you value it yourself because you've been through it. nice reflections jords!

  27. simple yet sweet, you got to know yourself and some of it you will find in the journey. the most important thing is to experience the journey and live it to the fullest, Cheers this was nice .

  28. It is a great metaphor, but what a sad ending. Almost haiku-like in its melancholy. Why does the swing remain empty? Don't your children ever visit? Can we have a follow up? Please? :)

  29. In every divorce, children are hurt the most. Though they may grow out of it, the pain in their heart can last a long time. The love of their parents at this time would be particularly important. In this blog, I can read a father's love and care. It's very touching and powerful. Wish the best to you and your kids.

  30. Thank you for sharing this personal moment with all of us. I feel for you in the visitation situation. I am glad that you are not facing the reality that too many non-custodial parents face in not being able to see the children. You are truly blessed no matter how many times you may think otherwise!

    Bill and Friends of Bewitched!

    PS: On a really crappy side note I highly recommend posting a No Trespassing sign in order to cover yourself if someone else decides to use the swing and gets hurt.


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