Empire Avenue: Social Media Rocket fuel?

I've been striving for a few months now to create social media content that matters.

For the most part, I'm focusing that content on blog posts right here on Jordan's Hodgepodge.

As I've been more creative in my labels for search I've also been exploring ways to use other social media tools to increase the readership of my articles.

To date, my biggest success has been the use of Empire Avenue Missions!

My last blog post Enterprise 2.0, Motivation and Gamification: If my kids can get it... had tremendous exposure and potential reach. I attibute the majority of that to the EA Mission that I set up.

After creating the post I did 4 simple things.

First I shared the post on Google+.
Second, I shared the post on Facebook.
Third, I shared the post on Twitter.
Fourth, I created a mission on EA to view the blog.
Fifth, I created a second mission on EA because the first one sold out so fast :-)

The results
In a 24 hour span the post received:
38021 potential audience through Twitter (source www.tweetreach.com)
209 unique page views of the post
36 Google +1's
24 Empire Avenue Likes
22 Tweets or retweets
20 Comments on the blog
8 Empire Avenue comments
6 Facebook likes
2 Facebook comments

So for you bloggers of awesomeness out there, these numbers will be peanuts, but for me these kind of numbers in a 24 hour period are great!

So what did it cost me to get this kind of exposure?

It cost me about 10 minutes to set up the EA missions.
It cost me about 1 million Eaves (Empire Avenue currency). (Hey the currency is virtual why not spend it on something tangible!)

And that was it.

So is Empire Avenue creating Social Media Rocket fuel?

My experience last week says it is.

And in fact if you're reading this post as a result of the mission I've attached please leave a comment stating so as proof of why you came!!


  1. @ So is Empire Avenue creating Social Media Rocket fuel?
    EA certainly is playing in the right field. Games.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  3. Of course EA works! where else can you set up a mission for say 50 and have 30-40 people complete it - whether liking, RT'ing, plussing, commenting, playing along or whatever with the social media that takes your (and their) fancy.

  4. You are correct in your blog by stating the effectiveness of EA as a platform to be used/ cheers I hit all the buttons :)

  5. Came here through the mission. So I guess that's working.

  6. A mission is the only way I knew of you, and as I'll check back later to poke around, I guess it's working. The mission visits are nice, but it's the repeat visits without missions that really pay the dividends.

  7. EA certainly has been great in extending reach! I invite you to also check out Survcast.com, a platform where you can share interesting articles and your blog posts, create surveys on that content and measure the opinions of the readers! Sign up is free!

  8. Definitely rocket fuel. Empire Avenue enables engagement for the masses.

  9. Very impressive! Can´t wait for my shares to reach the 50e mark to set up my own mission! Great! =)

  10. Yes, I agree... Coming from a mission.. :-)

  11. Yup...here from empire avenue, shared your blog, tweeted it, +1'd it, read it and now commenting.

    EA...best thing I could have done for my own blog, and a great place to network with thousands of folks around the globe :)

    Sharon from EA

  12. Well it works and just goes to show that money gets you anything, even if the currency is virtual.

  13. Very interesting, but I followed your tweet to come here. I tend to skim rapidly through missions looking for things that interest me (ie NOT '500 eaves to like my blog') so I must have missed it there. But the tweet sounded really interesting...:)

  14. I'm sure some people are getting good results from missions but, right now I'm wondering about the cost in relation to time.. How many hours did you have to put in to be able to afford offering a mission that cost you 1 million eaves?

    Are there alternatives to EA that are more cost effective? I've seen many sites selling RT's for as little at 20.00 per month that deliver 600 RT's dripped out at 20 a day... of course there are some real issues that a person needs to consider before buying into a service like this, not the least is no one wants RTs done by eggheaded tweeps..

    The question remains, if it takes a 100 or 200 hours of work to get to the point of being able to offer a mission that cost 1 million eves and still continue to grow share price and dividends is it worth it?

  15. Thanks for the tips. Now I just have to figure out how to create a mission! Do you mind if I partake in a little self-promotion?

  16. I think a lot of people are getting benefit from Empire Avenue... :)

  17. Jessica MartinezMay 7, 2012 at 12:39 PM

    I have found that Empire Avenue has not only been fun, from a game perspective, but it has also taught me a lot of to what kind of content I want to have on my website and my blog. I have read information from people that I normally would have no reason to seek out and have learned so much from the various sites that I go to (because of the missions) that it has become so much more than a game for me. I am glad that I take a little time each day, check in on my game and then head over to some great blogs from fellow EA'ers and read what they have to say. It is so much more entertaining than watching TV :) Keep up the great job!

  18. found this article through eav. (e)JSS.

  19. EA is really "Rocket Fuel"..... and FUN

  20. I'm with Detlev. Can't think of a better way to say it. We've just started dabbling in missions and I can feel the power.


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