The Human Commodity

Most of us are in the midst of a career at this point in our lives.

When you think back were there one or two moments that were defining in how you got to where you are? 

I have a couple for sure but will share one particular moment now as it relates to "The Human Commodity".

It was 1996, I had just completed my Bachelors Degree but had decided that I wanted to work outside of the field for which I had just been trained. (doh!)  Having dinner with a group of friends one night I tossed it out there: "Anyone have any career or job ideas for me?" Much to my surprise, one of the friends mentioned a company they knew of that hired people NOT based on WHAT THEY KNOW, but rather WHO THEY ARE and their ABILITY TO LEARN. 

Yes, yes I know this is all the rage now, however 15 years ago this was a bit of a rarity.  The company was called Computronix, located in Edmonton, Canada.

About 2 weeks later I was sitting down having dinner with the CEO of the company for an interview.  He had asked me to bring my resume and my transcripts. As we talked it became apparent that he really was seeking to figure out what I was all about.  After much probing he concluded: "You seem like you have a great attitude, you had good marks in school... I THINK WE CAN TRAIN YOU.

So started my career in Information Technology.  The company invested in me and trained me and provided the skills I have used for over 15 years.

What that CEO realized was that I, JORDAN HODGES WAS THE COMMODITY and not my education or my experience.

Sounds kinda arrogant doesn't it? Not meant to. Simply put, it's about people.

PEOPLE ARE THE COMMODITY, but only when they realize it.

When you realize and figure out that YOU ARE THE COMMODITY, you view the world differently. You aren't confused thinking that what you know or use really matters.  You become less afraid of change.  You become more agile in your thinking and direction.

Your company could do away with THAT YOU KNEW or did so well and you could feel UNAFRAID!

You could move toward change and your future with HOPE and ANTICIPATION.

If you firmly believe that you are the commodity you are confident that the reason you are where you are, is not because of what you know, but WHO YOU ARE.

When you fully embrace that it is who you are that really matters you are set!

Take a moment even right now and assess yourself, do you feel it's YOU who is the commodity or is it that THING you know that's the commodity.
Don't fool yourself, that thing will always change, become outdated, unnecessary and eventually unused.

Unless of course that THING IS YOU.

Be the thing,


Oh, and thank you Computronix for realizing that people are the commodity.

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