Social Media: Game vs Substance

Heard of Klout?
How about Empire Avenue
Both great sites. Both are trying to gamify and monetize your social media presence.
I'm of two minds on this. 
On the one hand, we all humanely like to know how we stack up against each other. 
We like having a score or a share price. 
On the other hand, is social media something that we should be scoring, ranking or comparing.

As I got going with Empire Avenue, I found that I was creating and connecting social media accounts and uploading mass amounts of photos and FB friending anything that moved, all in an effort to try and UP my social media scores. I remember seeing one particular early EA adopter promoting on twitter that he wanted everyone to friend him on Facebook. Crazy. 

As I reflect back on my crazed and competitive actions, I see I was rash and misguided. 

Let's let these ranking and scoring sites do precisely that, score and rank our REAL Social Media presence, not a fake artificially inflated/created one. Do we really care what song is on your ipod right now? No. Do we really care what you are the mayor of? No. Let's not hyper list every movement during the day. This becomes NOISE.  We need to cut down the noise so that what is left is the stuff of substance!

I realize that I am as guilty of this as anyone. 

So am I quitting Klout or Empire Avenue? No.

Am I suggesting you should? No.

Am I going to cease engaging in Social Media? No.

What am I suggesting?
For me: Create content that matters. Centralize on a few mediums. Don't broadcast the same content on every single Social Media platform.
For you: Be intentional, be meaningful. If you do, I will follow you. If you don't you just lost a "friend"

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