s0cIAl mEdIA:sIftEd

This is a follow up to my last post on Social Media.  Here is what I am doing to reducing my Social Media *Noise*:
Reduce Tumblr accounts from 3 to 1 with the one being focused on tech and tech trends I find interesting.
Settled on Google+ as my photo storage/sharing site, bye bye Flickr...
Settled on usage of Facebook Pages for sharing Leadership links/videos I like.
No longer triple or quadruple posting content.

This is the start.

Am I finished the trimming? Probably never will be.
I am considering hacking down my following list on Twitter as well as actually only having my "friends" on facebook instead of the thousand or so people currently on there many of whom I have NO CLUE who they are.

The other thing I have to settle on is what content goes on which platform.
Think of settled on the following general guidelines:
REALLY personal stuff goes on Facebook.
Twitter is still a bit mashed with a combo of tech/work/personal.
LinkedIn is ALL business.
Google+. I love you but what are you? Still trying to figure this beast out and what role it plays.
Tumblr gets all the reposts of my fav Tech articles.
Facebook Pages gets all of my fav posts on leadership and communication.

How about you? What have you done to reduce your SM Noise? Anything? Do you even care?

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