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One of only problems I've run into with my Google NexusOne is its voracious appetite for battery power. After hunting around I've found several solutions for this. The first solution is APNdroid+Tasked. I've run this for a few weeks and it has indeed seemed to improve battery life.

APNdroid is basically a switch that turns 3G/Edge connections off. I don't actually use the app itself but I do have some profiles with Tasker that need the APNdroid switch installed.

That brings us to Tasker. It is an AMAZING app that lets you make things happen on your phone based on events, states, locations, times etc. SUPER POWERFUL!!! I have a profile set up now so that when the screen is off, 3G data, wifi are turned off. The profile wakes he phone every 15 minutes and syncs up all data for me. The profile is smart enough that when the screen turns on it enables all data again. Very powerful app. Imagine setting up a profile that every week day when you are driving home and you pass a certain point on your drive the phone automatically emailed your spouse to let them know you were almost home. Or whenever You were within several hundred meters of work to turn on or off certain features. Tasker does all this and more! I have an ultimate alarm clock that wakes me up saying "Good morning Jordan. Today is going to be a great day. Now get up and make a difference in your world!" Then it proceeds to pick a random song to play out of my music library. The coolness knows no limits. How about having the phone go into silent mode when You flip it upside down? Yes tasker can do this too.

On to Ultimate Juice Defender. It is another battery saving app. It seems to work about as good as APNdroid+tasker but its only function is battery defence.

Both have given me around 18 hours battery life per charge. Pretty good so I only have to charge at night even with fairly heavy use.

APNdroid gets a hodgepodge rank of 5/5
Tasker gets a hodgepodge rank of 5/5 (interface could use some more love...)
Ultimate Juice Defender gets a hodgepodge rank of 4/5 (would have been higher but some functions required rooting the phone)
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