The Bots (Poutine, #EAv, Seinfeld)

I laughed tonight while relaxing in my living room on Twitter. I mean, not just a little laugh.  I mean I REALLY laughed. A LOL kinda laugh. A ROTFL kinda laugh. A LMAO kinda, you get the picture.


I don't know why stupid internet bots crack me up so much, but they do.

Tonight I stumbled upon the poutine bots while having a tweetup with some Empire Avenue buds.

So everytime anywhere on twitter that the word "Poutine" is mentioned a Bot called @Poutine_Bot will retweet you. I dont know why but I find this funny.  Funnier STILL is that there is another bot called @Poutine_BOT_BOT and all it does is retween @Poutine_Bot. So we have bots retweeting bots. 

Bots also following bots is another source of pure joy...

So after that fun I happened to mention on Twitter that this reminded me of a seinfeld episode and wouldnt you know it, a Seinfeld bot replies to me with a quote from a seinfeld episode... Soo funny.

So I suggest if you are ever feeling lonely or sad or that no one in the twitterverse loves you, take time to tweet how much a big bowl of poutine would make you feel better and that you wish Seinfeld was still on the air...see what happens... Dare you

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