Tucking in the kids

Our bedtime routine here in the Hodges household is sacred. There is the usual flurry of activity when I get home. Kids come charging out of the house to greet me. I get a few moments to sit on the couch with my bride! Then we get supper together, work with kidlets on their homework, reading etc.

THEN come the best parts.

We gather together and read our kids Bible story books which always generates INCREDIBLE discussions. Kids ask the best questions ever.

Then we Pray together and the kids pray too. Amazing to hear a child praying about what is on their heart. You should try and listen in to this if you ever have the chance...

Then we tuck the kids in bed and as I'm giving them their hugs and kisses I always ask them the same question:

So they will proceed to give me the BEST happening of the day and the WORST happening of the day.  The kids have a super blessed life as they don't often have a worst?!?! Have to figure out how to get that working for me sometime...

Anyway, tonight Demaris my 6 year old going on 16 year old says: "Daddy, the BEST part of my day was meeting two new BFFs."
"BFFs?" I say. "You're six, do you know what BFFs even are" as I chuckle a bit.
"Oh Daddy," Demaris says, "BFFs are Best Friends Forever!".
Then it dawns on me, my little girl is growing up faster than I'll ever imagine...

Gotta enjoy EVERY day.

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