Holidays & Empire Avenue - A match made in Hell #EAv

I decided to take a break from Empire Avenue over a two week period while vacationing this summer.
YES I KNOW, virtual share prices don't matter but I'm OCD so what can I say...

Anyway, this 2 week period showed me a lot again about the mentality and mindset of Empire Ave'rs.  If you aren't having active on the site, you're gonna have a tough time.

So during this 2 week Empire Ave hiatus, I did keep up with Twitter and a couple blogs posts, a few Facebook activities as well (SHOCK). So my Social Media presence outside of EA was basically unchanged.

My stock price  however was DECIMATED.

Have a look at my chart below:

I was sitting around the $40 mark the day I left. Over the 15 days away it dropped down to $23.50 or so.

With renewed EA activity you can see that over 13 days it is back over $45

What does this all mean? Simply that to do well on Empire Avenue there is some "game" that has to be played on the site. Your SM alone isnt enough.

There are alliances needed, buy/rebuys, comments to make, advertising to do, etc.

All part of the fun of

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