Having the belief of the boss

Working in an organization with leaders that have belief, faith and trust in you is truly INSPIRATIONAL!
There are times in a career where you don't feel that support from above and it is a struggle to function in the realm of POSSIBILITIES.

Recently I was away for a few days on a leadership retreat. We came up with a number of sweeping changes and recommendations for our organization. As we were working on our execution strategy we were acutely aware that there was some trepidation and fear around simply leading our organization into these changes.

The fear comes from not feeling sure you have 100% support...

99% certainty with 1% uncertainty can still produce the pangs in your stomach.

So today we presented our proposals to the leader of our organization... and it was AMAZING!

We started out with that 1% in the back of our heads and ended up knocking it out of the park BECAUSE we had the full BACKING and SUPPORT of our leader!

The meeting started with him asking the questions:

"What do you need from me?"

"How can I help you?"

"What can I do to make your day?"

These are questions that our leader asked us.

I put forward to you that these are the kind of questions that a TRUE LEADER asks!

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