Fishing Adventure Day 1 (Flotten Lake)

Sad kids, sad Dad...kinda
Old Civic, Old friends
Ready to roll
Ready to ROCK! Fish beware!
"Roughing it"
16 man hours of fishing, no fish but still buddies albeit hungry for fish.
That night we had to nourish ourselves with campfire cooked bacon, and foil fire cooked yams/potatoes/onions/carrots. It's a hard life.
Just got back from a trip of a lifetime that my wife arranged for me with my bestie, Mr. Kent Priebe! Amazing time. The purpose of the trip was to catch a trophy fish, or in the absence of that, LOTS of fish. After doing extensive research (looking at fish pictures on internet) we decided that looked like the best bet within our budget. From their pictures on their website, this TOTALLY looked like the place to satisfy both size and quantity of fish. So picked up Kent from YEG Intl Wednesday night as he had flown in for this event from Kelowna. We stayed up late that night sorting out our tackle and planning for the HUGE fish that we were going to catch. Could hardly sleep that night in anticipation of the large adventure on its way. Thursday morning arrives and we are ready to go. Hugs and kisses for kids, mugging for the camera and then we're off! (Well, kinda off. Had to stop at the Golden Arches for some sustenance)
Flotten River boat dock

4.5 hours later we arrive to a beautiful campground on the banks of Flotten River. We REALLY get excited as the owner/proprieter tells us that someone caught a 25 lbs Pike 2 weeks prior as well as one of the campers caught a 4 lbs Walleye 2 days prior. Oh yes, this is EXACTLY what we wanted. Cabins were nice, weather was perfect, everything was looking great. So we pile all our gear and our anticipation into our 16 foot aluminum boat with 15hp engine and set out. We start with trolling. We put some Rappala diving rattle lures on. No bites. So we switch to crank bait. No bites. Jigs, no bites. Spinners, No bites, Berkely power bait, No bites. Pickerel rigs, no bites. Spoons, No bites... Ok time for something drastic: Fly bites. In fact 8 hours straight bites. So we come off the lake at 10PM, feeling slightly less manly in our fishing prowess. Talk to a few more campers and find out that there aren't really any fish in the lake... Its been netted out. But what about the big Pike? What about the big Walleye? It took 60 hours of fishing to get those? Ohhhhhh. OK. So everyone recommends that we move over to Waterhen lake as its a guaranteed catch there. Do we listen? NO. If there are ANY fish in Flotten, WE will catch them.

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